Mike Mandl: Shiatsu & Insomnia

Mike Mandl: Shiatsu & Insomnia
Uitvoerenden: Mike Mandl Shiatsu Nascholing


– the different energetic patterns of sleeping disorders and the organs involved. Lack of Yin: in heart, liver, spleen and kidneys / or too much Yang like blocked energy in Galbladder

– how to diagnose those patterns correctly

– importance of sleep for Po and the relationship to Hun (shen-aspects)

– what acupuncture points should we use

– how can we support our Shiatsu sessions with nutrition, herbs and practical tips

– personal advice for each of the participants

Mike Mandl will return to Amsterdam to teach us about Shiatsu & Insomnia.

Waar en wanneer

Friday 15 & Saturday 16 March

Oki Do Studio, Amsterdam


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