Mike Mandl: Shiatsu & Insomnia

Mike Mandl: Shiatsu & Insomnia

Mike Mandl – Shiatsu & Insomnia

About this course

Sleeping disorders are a huge topic. About one third of the population suffers from little to severe sleeping disorders, and around 70% of these sleeping disorders have a psychological background, making Shiatsu one of the best methods to work with them. But to really get things done, we have to work with the principles of Traditional Chinese Medicine and integrate them in our Shiatsu. Many sleeping disorders have their roots in a deficiency of Yin and blood. How can we identify these patterns? How can we treat them? What kind of food or herbs do we need to build up Yin and blood? What is the energetic function of sleep? During this weekend we will learn a lot of practical and efficient approaches. These approaches are also useful in other patterns where a build up of Yin and blood are required. Sleep is one of the most important sources of Yin and regeneration. Through dreaming, it also influences visualising living your potential.

Mike Mandl will return to Amsterdam to teach us about Shiatsu & Insomnia.

Waar en wanneer

Friday 15 & Saturday 16 March

Oki Do Studio, Amsterdam


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