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Sell your event tickets online

Safe payments with iDeal

Customers can buy their tickets online and pay by e-banking. After a payment is completed, the unique tickets will be sent to them automatically.

All the data. Everywhere.

You want to be in control. Not only in the planning phase, but during the event too. TicketJames works perfectly on smartphones and tablets.

Your event, your money

The revenue from sold tickets is parked on TicketJames' bank for a while, but you can access it at any time. Get paid with the push of a button.

Technical ease

You don't need to be a computer wizzard to use our professionale ticket solution on your own website. Just paste the embed code we give, just like embedding YouTube video's.

Your ticket please?

Selling tickets is one thing, checking them when people come in is something different. TicketJames makes it super easy to check tickets: barcode scanning, QR code scanning (with your webcam!) or via an Excell-sheet.


How many tickets have been sold? How many of tonights visitors are allready checked in? How much money did we earn so far? TicketJames provides clearity. Simple and easy.


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Gebruik de App van TicketJames.com om de tickets van uw evenemt te scannen. Uw 'kaartjesknippers' hoeven daarvoor niet eens aangemeld te zijn bij TicketJames.com. Download de scan app nu gratis voor Android en iPhone!

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