Oktoberfest Laren 2023

Oktoberfest Laren 2023

Jetzt geht's wieder los!

On Saturday, September 30, the 11th Oktoberfest will be celebrated in Laren. A super tolle evening with friends, family, beer und bratwurst.
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The best Oktoberfest of 't Gooi and surroundings. Oktoberfest Laren 2023, the 11th edition

When and where

Zaterdag 30 september 2023
Aanvang: 19.00 uur | Sluit: 00.30 uur

The tent will open at 7 p.m. Be on time for the opening The party ends at 00.00 after which the tent closes at 00.30 Checkroom (unattended) is at your own risk.


Plein 1945, Laren

Directions: Car Public transportation