Autminds 2023

Autminds 2023
Artists: Stichting Autminds

  9:15 Registratie

10:00 Start Programma

ca 16:30 Einde Programma, aansluitend borrel

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Autminds is a conference for and by adults with autism. Autminds offers a mix of relaxation, education and intellectual challenge. Autminds can be described as "a meeting of minds", hence the name Aut-minds. Autminds is of course also open to people without autism

When and where

Zaterdag 14 oktober 2023
9:15 start registratie
10:00 start congres

Hogeschool van Amsterdam - locatie Wibauthuis

Wibautstraat 3b , 1091 GH Amsterdam

Directions: Car Public transportation