Sven Hammond feat. Jared Grant

Sven Hammond feat. Jared Grant

Sven Hammond feat. Jared Grant

In addition to the hundreds of performances the band provides, expanded into a big band, as the 'Sven Hammond Big Band' for the musical interpretation in the TV show "Matthijs Gaat Door" by Matthijs van Nieuwkerk, which has already become a number of seasons is a regular Saturday night staple on national television. year April released their latest album to date, titled 'Sphere', a ode to jazz legend Thelonius Sphere Monk. "It was years ago in a small bar in The Hague where I first started playing music by Monk, and where the seed was planted for the idea of recording a Monk album With thereby his music through our interpretation. And partly with collaborations from both hip-hop and soul," Sven Figee said. CuraƧao (31-05-1991) and he grew up in a close-knit musical family. Every weekend, music is played at home by the band his father played in. When you the music of Jared Grant immediately reminds you of the rhythmic soul, funk and R 70's and the early 80's. A period in which Grant would feel very much at home feel. Dancing and entertaining is in Jared Grant blood. Grant therefore makes it a great party on stage! Not for nothing that Jared Grant 2012 in addition to the 3rd prize, the audience award of the Music Matters Awards in may receive.

Sven Hammond has been around for over 15 years now. Founded in 2006 by Sven Figee and his 'band of brothers', they have played hundreds of shows at home and abroad, releasing 5 studio albums and 5 live albums in this period.

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vrijdag 26 augustus 2022
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