Marina Yakhlakova - Tchaikovsky's Nutcracker - Extra Concert

Marina Yakhlakova - Tchaikovsky's Nutcracker - Extra Concert

Marina Yakhlakova

"There is something very mysterious about her; she has a very deep soul," says master pianist Louis Lortie about Marina Yakhlakova. No wonder that this winner of the Liszt Competition of Weimar (2011) always makes an impression wherever she plays. At the Bösendorfer Imperial of the Edesche Concert Hall she tells her story with fairytale-like music by Tchaikovsky, Brahms and Bach

Tchaikovsky's Nutcracker

With Tchaikovsky's ballet the Nutcracker you listen to one of his most famous pieces. Because the story takes place during Christmas, you often hear the music around the holidays. But the piece is so beautiful that you can enjoy it at any time. Marina Yakhlakova plays the piano version that pianist Mikhail Pletnev made of the Nutcracker. Of course this includes the most famous pieces from the ballet, such as the 'Dance of the Sugar Fairy' and the picturesque 'Intermezzo'

Brahms' First Piano Sonata

The first blow is worth a downhill, so Brahms played high when he played his First Piano Sonata. The twenty-year-old Brahms was so satisfied with it that he had the piece printed as his first composition, opus 1. Everything that makes Brahms Brahms is in it: compelling melodies, driving rhythms and a good dose of musical poetry. Especially in the lilting slow part you can hear that. Brahms composed a number of brilliant variations on the German folk song 'Stiekem komt de maan op' (Secretly the moon rises). But what makes Brahms' First Piano Sonata especially impressive are the breakneck passages full of finger-blowing virtuosity. Under the hands of Marina Yakhlakova that will surely be fireworks!

Youtube tip

Listen to Marina Yaklakova with Schubert's 'Erlkönig', in a piano version by Franz Liszt.

Extra Benefit Concert - Sponsorship Hiking for Water

Benefit concert - The total proceeds (without deduction of costs) of the tickets goes to the Walking for Water project, organized by the Rotary clubs in Ede and surroundings. Hundreds of schoolchildren walk for water every two years and raise a lot of money with it. Rotary Veluwezoom organizes, sponsored by the Edesche Concert Hall, this Rotary Concert to support this beautiful project. The proceeds of the tickets and the extra donations will go to the project Walking for Water Veluwezoom 2019. Specifically, the proceeds will go to the sanitation project

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Tuesday 30 April 2019, 20:00

Experience an evening in the fairytale atmosphere of Tchaikovsky's 'Nutcracker'. The music of this ballet became even more famous than it already was because of Walt Disney's classic 'Fantasia'. Pianist Marina Yakhlakova plays the best-known pieces from this ballet, such as the 'Dance of the Sugar Fairy' and the dreamy 'Intermezzo'. In addition to music by Bach and Haydn, the programme also includes the 'First Piano Sonata' by Johannes Brahms. A piece that sounds like you're listening to a story.

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Tuesday 30 April 2019, 20:00

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