Hannes Lover - Beethoven, Schumann, Ravel - World Pianists

Hannes Lover - Beethoven, Schumann, Ravel - World Pianists
Artists: Hannes Minnaar


Hannes Lover - Beethoven, Schumann, Ravel - World Pianists

Pianosonate nr. 21 in C, op. 53, 'Waldstein'
Hannes Minnaar (piano)
  • I. Allegro con brio
  • II. Introduzione. Adagio molto -
  • III. Rondo. Allegretto moderato - Prestissimo
Beethoven's Waldsteinsonate is one of the most demanding piano music he has written. The piece owes its nickname to a generous count, Ferdinand Ernst von Waldstein. Waldstein supported Beethoven financially and as thanks Beethoven dedicated this sonata to Count Waldstein
4 Nachtstücke, op. 23
Hannes Minnaar (piano)
  • I. Mehr langsam, oft zurückhaltend (Trauerzog)
  • II. Markirt und lebhaft (Kuriose Gesellschaft)
  • III. Mit gosser lebhaftigkeit (Nächtliches Gelage)
  • IV. Einfach (Rundgesang mit Solostimmen)
Schumann's Nachtstücke also has a personal touch. Schumann composed them in the aftermath of the death of his older brother Eduard. For Schumann it was a dark period, in which he said he was obsessed with death. At the same time, Schumann incorporated subtle references to a collection of short stories entitled Nachtstücke by Schumann's favourite writer E.T.A. Hoffmann.
Op een overwoekerd pad
Hannes Minnaar (piano)
  • I. Onze avonden
  • II. Een weggewaaid blad
  • III. Kom met ons mee!
  • IV. De madonna van Frydek
  • V. Ze kwekten als zwaluwen
  • VI. Woorden schieten tekort
  • VII. Goedenacht
  • VIII. Onuitsprekelijke angst
  • IX. In tranen
  • X. De kerkuil is nog niet weggevlogen
Just like Schumann, Janácek only needed a few notes to create a musical atmosphere. A simple accompaniment figure or a fragment of a melody are enough to bring the visual titles in Op een overgrown pad to life
Gaspard de la nuit
Hannes Minnaar (piano)
  • I. Ondine
  • II. Le Gibet
  • III. Scarbo
For a long time, Gaspard de la nuit was the most difficult piano piece in music history to play. But that's only an afterthought if you listen to the music. In three gripping atmospheric images, Ravel successively paints an evil water spirit, a creepy gallows and a ghostly dwarf
Saturday 18 April 2020, 20:00

"Only when I really have something to say, I play it," master pianist Hannes Lover told NRC Handelsblad. At the Bösendorfer Imperial Hannes has enough to tell you, because with four breathtaking pieces he takes you along the highest peaks and deepest valleys of human existence. With Beethoven's energetic Waldsteinsonate, Hannes puts you directly in full sunlight. Contemporaries nicknamed this sonata 'Dawn'. The night takes place in Schumann's Nachtstücke. And with Ravel's Gaspard de la nuit, Hannes conjures up a dark fairytale world of water nymphs, a gallows and the tease Scarbo

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