Maria Milstein and the Travelling Music Company - Schubert's beautiful String Quintet

Maria Milstein and the Travelling Music Company - Schubert's beautiful String Quintet


Schubert - String quintet in C, D. 956 Arenski - Quartet for violin, viola and two cellos, op. 35

Prokofiev - Sonata for two violins, on. 56

Maria Milstein

"Music makes me a richer man," says violinist Maria Milstein. "My life is about music, but I can't do it without others." As a former artist in residence Maria likes to return to the Edesche Concert Hall, this time together with violinist Mathieu van Bellen and his Travelling Music Company. This ensemble is specialized in playing in varying combinations. That's why in each of Schubert's, Arenski's and Prokofiev's pieces you hear a different line-up. Central to the programme is Schubert's masterful String Quintet, which the composer completed two months before his death.

Schubert's String Quintet

Some pieces remain a mystery even though you've heard them countless times. Schubert's only string quintet is such a lonely highlight in chamber music. Schubert completed it only a few months before he died. What makes the piece extra special is the special line-up. Instead of the viola, Schubert uses an extra cello in this string quartet. It is precisely this second cello that gives Schubert's String Quintet such a special melancholic touch.

Arenski's monument to Tchaikovsky

The extra cello in Arenski's String Quartet also creates a melancholic atmosphere. He wrote his String Quartet as a memoriam for the recently deceased Tchaikovsky. Arensky honours the great Russian master in the slow middle movement with a series of variations on a melody by Tchaikovsky himself.

Prokofiev's Sonata for two violins

Good composers can compose a masterpiece even with the most minimal means. Prokofiev's Sonata for two violins is such a masterpiece. Prokofiev said he composed it after hearing a very mediocre piece for violin duo. Prokofiev thought to himself, "I can do better than that. And indeed, this sonata is among the best of its kind.

The Travelling Music Company consists of:

  • Maria Milstein, violin
  • Mathieu van Bellen, violin
  • Joël Waterman, viola
  • Richard Wolfe, viola
  • Joris van den Berg, cello
  • Matthijs Broersma, cello

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Listen to Maria Milstein with 'L'heure exquisite' by Reynaldo Hahn.