Eleonore Pameijer (flute) and Gerrit Christiaan de Gier (organ) - Saint-Saëns, Guilmant, Widor

Eleonore Pameijer (flute) and Gerrit Christiaan de Gier (organ) - Saint-Saëns, Guilmant, Widor

OrgelPlus '20/'21

Dit concert is al geweest. Bekijk hieronder de serie OrgelPlus '20/'21:

Some of the program:

Widor. Suite, on. 34

Saint-Saëns - Fantasy no. 3, on. 157

Debussy - Syrinx

Organ and flute as big brother and little sister

The combination of organ and flute is seldom seen on the concert stage. This is quite crazy, because the organ is actually a complete collection of flutes. Flutist Eleonore Pameijer and organist Gerrit Christiaan de Gier know all about it and merge their instruments in such a way that sometimes you can no longer hear who is playing what, as in Widor's 'Suite'. 34. There are also moments when flute and organ are in the limelight separately, such as in Debussy's piece 'Syrinx', one of the most famous solo pieces for flute. Gerrit Christiaan de Gier in turn shows the organ in full glory with the Symphonic Choral 'Ach bleib mit deiner Gnade' by Karg-Elert.

Gerrit Christiaan de Vulture and Eleonore Pameijer

But Eleonore Pameijer and Gerrit Christiaan de Gier have more to tell. Apart from the fact that both musicians are true maestros on their instruments, they share their passion for music from around 1900. At this time, artists and composers were inspired by colourful harmonies and sumptuous forms. It produced music that sounds like a dream. Eleonore and Gerrit Christiaan take you to paradisiacal landscapes, where for a moment you have no sense of time and place

Youtube tip

Listen to flutist Eleonore Pameijer in 'Sonata da camera' by Marius Flothuis.

Seizoen '19-'20 Guilmant Karg-Elert Alain Sigtenhorst Meyer Lachner Saint-Saëns Widor Debussy fluit dwarsfluit Ypma Ypma-orgel Orgel OrgelPlus
Friday 31 January 2020, 20:00

Transverse flute and organ form a particularly beautiful combination. Logical, because an organ consists of wind pipes, so flutes. Dutch star flutist Eleonore Pameijer and organist Gerrit Christiaan de Gier will play the most beautiful music of Widor, Saint-Saëns and Guilmant on Friday evening. You can just start thinking you're in France

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Friday 31 January 2020, 20:00

The Edesche Concert Hall. Unheard of acoustics, intimate beauty, one of the most beautiful concert grand pianos in the Netherlands with the very best musicians. From one hour before the start of the concert you are welcome in the Edesche Concert Hall, for example for a cup of coffee in advance. Please note: during the performance we do not grant access to the concert hall The Edesche Concertzaal is unsubsidized and is made possible by Eskes Media / DagjeWeg.NL.

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