Van Baerle Trio - Piano trios by Beethoven, Schubert, Keuris

Van Baerle Trio - Piano trios by Beethoven, Schubert, Keuris

Program Van Baerle Trio

Beethoven - Piano Trio in D, on. 70, No. 1 'Geistertrio'

Keuris - Piano Trio

Schubert - Piano Trio in Berry, D 898

Maria Milstein, Hannes Lover and Gideon Den Herder

Everything the Van Baerle Trio tackles turns into musical gold. The trio won one prize after another and their first CD was immediately worthy of an Edison. The solo careers of violinist Maria Milstein, pianist Hannes Minnaaren cellist Gideon den Herder are also booming. Hannes and Maria are both winners of the Dutch Music Prize; Gideon creates a furore as the first cellist of the Residentie Orkest. Enjoy this "extremely talented trio" (NRC Handelsblad).

From Baerle Trio

Hannes Lover, Maria Milstein and Gideon den Herder have formed the famous Van Baerle Trio since 2004. The name of the trio derives from the street where their musical roots lie: the Van Baerlestraat in Amsterdam. This is where the three musicians meet during their studies at the Amsterdam Conservatory, a stone's throw from the Concertgebouw. From the Van Baerlestraat, Hannes, Maria and Gideon also built their international careers.

Schubert's First Piano Trio

Schubert's 'First Piano Trio' also came into being at the same time as another piece: the famous song series 'Winterreise'. But unlike in the melancholy 'Winterreise', Schubert balances in his piano trio on the extremes of his moods; sometimes cheerful and dancing, sometimes sad and melancholic. Music that sounds like a bloodcurdling story!

Gideon about the works played:
"With these pieces we would like to offer a nice and varied program. Schubert's First Piano Trio is one of our big favorites. It's from one of the first piano trios we've rehearsed and with which we've grown up as a trio"
(Read the interview with Gideon den Herder.)

The 'Geistertrio' by Beethoven

The title sounds as exciting as the music itself. In the slow part of this 'Geister Trio', Beethoven wrote his most haunting music, according to contemporaries. That had a lot to do with the opera 'Macbeth' which Beethoven was working on at the same time. There was no opera, but the music for a witch scene ended up in this stormy piano trio. Beethoven can't sound better than the Van Baerle Trio. "The best of the best," OpusKlassiek calls the Beethoven recordings of the Van Baerle Trio.

The Van Baerle Trio consists of
  • Maria Milstein, violin
  • Hannes Lover, piano
  • Gideon the Shepherd, cello

YouTube-Tip Van Baerle Trio plays Mendelssohn

YouTube-Tip Listen to Tristan Keuris' Piano Trio

Pianotrio viool piano cello Ludwig van Beethoven Tristan Keuris Franz Schubert Geistertrio artist in residence Nederlandse Muziekprijs Bösendorfer Imperial 290 Seizoen '18-'19 Kamermuziek hedendaagse muziek Modern Wereldpianisten nieuwjaar
Saturday 19 January 2019, 20:00

The Van Baerle Trio is setting their teeth on Beethoven. The trio, of which Maria Milstein is part, receives rave reviews for their CDs with Beethoven's complete piano trios. De Volkskrant writes: "Charming and always in excellent balance. The trio is at its best when the notes call for a melancholy touch." A melancholic wind also blows in the wonderfully romantic piano trios by Franz Schubert and Tristan Keuris. The Van Baerle Trio at its best!

When and where

Begin time:
Saturday 19 January 2019, 20:00

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