Workshop for women with a desire to have children - Thursday evening 15 April 2021

Workshop Thursday evening 15 April line-height:18.0pt">You are single and want to have children, now what?

This workshop is designed for women who want co-parenting, as well as those who want to partner with a known donor, are considering a clinic donor, or are still unsure about their choice. Do you want a donor or would you rather co-parent? How do you find that potential father-in-law? What stage are you at now, what have you already decided and what not yet? What are your thoughts, what are you struggling with, what are your doubts, what are you dreading? What steps can and do you want to take in the near future? In this workshop all kinds of aspects of your desire to have children will be discussed.

Exercises, assignments, tips, questions and answers can help you organize your thoughts.

It is also nice to talk with a group of "fellow sufferers", to share things, to experience recognition and acknowledgement. You can share your doubts and fears, and hear what others are facing and what steps they have already taken.

>(This workshop is also suitable for women who are in a relationship but whose partner does not want children (anymore))

workshop is from 19:00-22:00 online

The costs are € 49.00 per person. line-height:18.0pt">(Don't wait too long to book, it may sell out).

workshop can be taken separately, but is also suitable for those who have previously attended a workshop or coaching session with Sara, whether you are considering co-parenting or a donor.

See font-family: other workshops and for more info about individual conversations.

>Your registration for this workshop is subject to the statutory cooling-off period for internet purchases are applicable.
For cancellations up to 7 days before the workshop a refund of 80% is possible, after that no refund.

This workshop will take place online

When and where

19:00 - 22:00 uur

Reservation costs and payment costs are for the participant.



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